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BUFFALO RISES: Love, art, and community

      Today, my friend Matthew Crehan Higgins, with whom I co-curate BUA Takes Ten: GLBT Short Stories, tweeted and posted on Facebook that tonight—the sold-out opening of Buffalo Rises at Road Less Traveled Theater—will be our third shared opening. On Facebook, he noted that actors get to say this sort of thing all […]


  Playwrights talk a lot about how to get plays in the hands of those who will read them, and lamenting the seeming impossibility of this task. And yet… if it were truly impossible, would we keep writing? Would we keep submitting day in and day out? We must believe that even if the odds […]

BUA Announces 2nd Annual BUA Takes Ten Line-Up

Buffalo United Artists  is pleased to announce the line-up for the 2nd Annual BUA Takes 10: GLBT Short Stories. Selected plays were chosen from more than 300 submissions. They are: “Wingman” by Eli Effinger “My Jesus Year” by Tony Foster “A Different Client” by Josh Hartwell “Kissing 101” by Matthew Crehan Higgins and Donna Hoke* “Partners” […]

Warning: Be very wary of paying for script feedback

At the urging of colleague Gwydion Suilebhan and prompted by recent postings on a playwrights board, I feel compelled to issue a warning about paying for dramaturgical feedback: Don’t. And if for some reason, you feel that you must, thoroughly vet the source of your feedback, ask for samples of feedback to others, ask for estimates, […]

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Educating a new generation of theatergoers

I write a regular theater column for Buffalo Spree magazine. In my latest, I talk to professors about their efforts to to bring theater into the classroom and to bring students out to the theater. Last month, I visited students at D’Youville College to discuss my play, SEEDS, which had recently opened at Road Less […]

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Four Stars for SEEDS!!

Opening nights are weird. It’s hard to gauge people’s reactions. Nobody quite knows what to say to you. And even when somebody says something positive, you’re never really sure if they mean it. Nonetheless, opening night parties are fun, and the SEEDS party at Bacchus was no exception.  We no longer live in an era […]

Happy new year!

I’m embarrassed at how long it’s been since I’ve updated this blog. I hope readers have had a wonderful 2012, and are excited about the prospects of a new year. I’m beginning my year by committing to actually completing my first “playwright’s purge,” which means I promise to write—something, anything—every single day in January. As […]

Humble Play: New Play Festival of Appalachian Ohio and more

It’s kind of funny that my last post (which was WAY too long ago) was my interview in Insight for Playwrights. Beginning this month, I am actually taking over the editorial portion of that newsletter, and will be conducting those interviews myself (the former editor contacted me because she remembered I had an editorial background). […]

A.R. Gurney: A playwright to call our own

If you know Albert Ramsdell Gurney from his days at the Nichols School in Buffalo, you call him Peter, a name he says his mother “picked out of a hat” because Bert and Al were already taken by his father and an uncle. If you became his friend during or after his time at Williams […]

The power of silence

As a playwright, when I go to readings—whether they’re mine or somebody else’s—I’m always paying attention to the audience as much as the performers on stage. How they’re behaving can tell me a lot about what’s working well in the play and what isn’t. I just got back from NYC (wasn’t that the subject of […]