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“WE’VE ADDED A FEE” Grrrrrr…..

    I am swamped right now but so vexed by this latest bit of what–duplicity? disingenuousness? BS?–that I have to post. My apologies that there won’t even be photos. In return, I’ll keep it short.   Organizers of ten-minute play festivals are using “growth” as an excuse to add a fee. This makes ZERO […]

ARE YOU PART OF THE SUBMISSION FEE PROBLEM (or, follow the guidelines for crying out loud!)?

  I don’t like submission fees. I’m not a complete fee purist, but I don’t think they’re best practice. I don’t like playwrights funding opportunities. I don’t like paying into what is likely to be a losing proposition. However, after curating and categorizing plays for a recent college festival, I’m starting to understand what I […]