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NETWORKING AND FOLLOW-UP, or “I submit like you said; what else?”

  In my blog post, How To Submit So Your Plays Get Produced (recently recorded as a Dramatists Guild webinar!), I talk a lot about getting your work out here. And why it is so important because you’re not only showing people that you’re consistently in the game, not a hobbyist but a serious contender, […]


  Whether it comes in the form of feedback from a reader, a blog post, or formal newspaper review, harsh words sting. Devastate. Create self-doubt. No less than Teresa Rebeck has talked about how difficult it was for her to recover from a bad review. But in a subjective, collaborative, artistic world, they are going […]


    If fall is submission season, then spring inevitably becomes rejection season, as conferences and festivals fill their slots, and theaters choose their upcoming lineups.  It can be a discouraging time, as any playwright who plays the submission game knows, and the hardest thing about it can be remaining positive about the merits of […]

DG Regional Report: Western New York by Donna Hoke

(Reprinted from the November issue of The Dramatist)     The Buffalo Infringement Festival, which celebrated its eighth year in 2013, is a wonderfully illustrative example of the constant creation and collaboration that defines the Buffalo theater scene. Though the Festival comprises art installations, dance, music, media, puppetry, and more, theater has always been an […]

Dexter Season 8 series finale review: Remember the Monsters

Once I got over the bleak and total sadness that was the Dexter finale, I came to accept why it would end this way. There are no guarantees that love would change Dexter for good–in fact, the odds are overwhelmingly against it given his history–but I’m still left with a lot of things that really […]

Four Stars for SEEDS!!

Opening nights are weird. It’s hard to gauge people’s reactions. Nobody quite knows what to say to you. And even when somebody says something positive, you’re never really sure if they mean it. Nonetheless, opening night parties are fun, and the SEEDS party at Bacchus was no exception.  We no longer live in an era […]

Recovery Mode at Buffalo United Artists

originally posted on July 12, 2011 I’m not going to make it a habit to post about Buffalo theater, because reviews per se seem to be a bit of a conflict of interest. I do want to post about Recovery Mode, playing one more weekend at Buffalo United Artists because it struck me as different, even […]

“The Kids Are All Right” Isn’t

originally posted on May 26, 2011   Warning: This review contains spoiler information about the plot of The Kids Are All Right.   There comes a point each year as I do my post-Oscar viewing of all the nominees when I start to wonder why they don’t narrow the category strictly to the deserving. After […]