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I WON!!!

Just got the email that WRITE THIS WAY was The Producers Choice at the 2011 Briefs Festival at Theatre Out in Santa Ana. The play ran with five others for ten performances over three weekends. Audiences voted The Mission, by Joe Godfrey as their favorite, and the three producers unanimously voted mine. I can’t say enough how wonderful […]

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Irene cancels War Horse

After much deliberation, I’d bitten the bullet and bought six War Horse tickets. Even though I was pretty sure I’d be at least moderately turned off by the blatant sentimental manipulation, I wanted to see the only Tony nominee (and the winner) for Best Play that I hadn’t seen this year just to confirm that […]

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Update on the Briefs Festival

From the very first notification that Write This Way was accepted into Theatre Out’s Second Annual Briefs Festival, I’ve been very impressed with the company’s professionalism, particulary their commitment to keeping playwrights in the loop, especially because all six are East Coasters and not all of us can make it for the event. By way […]

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Lots to catch up on…

The biggest news, obviously, is my brand new Web site, conceived and designed by The Rodi Company and Michael Naylor. I think it looks gorgeous, and hope that you’ll find it easy to navigate as well. In the time that it took to get the site up and running, I’ve had quite a bit happening. This […]

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Recovery Mode at Buffalo United Artists

originally posted on July 12, 2011 I’m not going to make it a habit to post about Buffalo theater, because reviews per se seem to be a bit of a conflict of interest. I do want to post about Recovery Mode, playing one more weekend at Buffalo United Artists because it struck me as different, even […]

Why don’t we read each other’s work?

originally posted on June 27, 2011 My newest play–or at least my newest completed draft–SEEDS, is currently in development as part of The Emanuel Fried New Play Workshop through Road Less Traveled Theater. Last year, because of the production of The Couple Next Door, I was unable to participate, and I really missed it. I […]

Write This Way to be produced!

originally posted on June 15, 2011 The other day, I got an exciting email from David Carnevale, Managing Director of Theatre Out. My short play, Write This Way, has been selected as one of six to be part of their second annual Briefs Festival. The show runs ten nights, and last year, every night sold […]

“The Kids Are All Right” Isn’t

originally posted on May 26, 2011   Warning: This review contains spoiler information about the plot of The Kids Are All Right.   There comes a point each year as I do my post-Oscar viewing of all the nominees when I start to wonder why they don’t narrow the category strictly to the deserving. After […]

New Works 4

originally posted on May 23, 2011 Rather than go into the details about the other plays in the New Works 4 International Short Play Festival, I’ll let reviewer Rachel Lynn Brody do that: Review of New Works 4Though Director James Ashcraft, whom I finally had the pleasure to meet, told me myriad horror stories about […]

And I’m back. . .

originally posted on May 23, 2011 Getting a reasonably priced hotel room in New York City (and by reasonable, I mean $150 or less–I have never paid more than $150 for a Manhattan hotel room), this past weekend was impossible. Even the pod hotels were raking in $300+ for a cubicle, which was well out […]