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Update on the Briefs Festival

August 9th, 2011 donnahoke

From the very first notification that Write This Way was accepted into Theatre Out’s Second Annual Briefs Festival, I’ve been very impressed with the company’s professionalism, particulary their commitment to keeping playwrights in the loop, especially because all six are East Coasters and not all of us can make it for the event. By way of sharing more information about the festival and illustrating this commitment, I want to share the email I got today, as well as the great publicity still that was posted to Facebook:

Check out the photo here, or on my Write This Way page:!/photo.php?fbid=10150272928484627&set=pu.6902514626&type=1&theater

and the letter here:

Good morning Briefs playwrights!

I wanted to give you a quick status update on the production.  I also did not BCC you on this email because, as you are all on the East Coast-ish, I felt like you might be good resources for each other with the common bonds of playwrighting and now Theatre Out.
We are busy putting the final touches on the production.  If last year’s inaugural festival was good – this year’s is going to be GREAT.  The actors, directors and production team are really excited about the show and have really embraced the amazing characters you have created.  I would venture to say that none of the actors or directors looked at these as “just 10 minute plays.”  They have tackled them with the same vigor we expect of a full length show and have made some amazing text-based choices. From the producer’s stand point, we are really excited about the diversity you have brought to us and we truly feel there’s an something for each letter in LGBT.
Our official publicity photos are on the Theatre Out facebook page:!/media/set/?set=a.10150272927804627.348692.6902514626&type=1

I don’t think it’s THAT hard to figure out which play is which. 😉

Please confirm with me if you will be attending and what date(s) so that I can arrange for your tickets (yourself plus a guest to any/all performances).  Even if we have chatted previously about it please let me know again, i want to make sure you are confirmed as tickets are selling fast.  If you are attending, we would also be honored to take a publicity photo with you and the cast after the show.  I will also try and make sure the director of your play is available that night.

The casts of each play have also decided to get a little competitive on your behalf and are excited about the prospect of the audience voting for the Best of the Fest.  I believe the cast of Dyke Tracy threw down the gauntlet as it were with a very vocal, “Bring it on!” with the cast of The Mission coming back with: “It’s on!” and the cast of Nice to Meet You asking, “How naked do you think we have to get to win?”.

So just a little more about Best of the Fest…each audience member will be given a ballot to submit to us at the end of the night.  Last year we had about 90% participation in the voting.  In addition, because we know sometimes the audience can be skewed, the producers will be awarding the Producer’s Choice award.  We will notify you all of the results of both of those shortly after closing night.

I hope I get to meet each one of you, if not during Briefs, in the very near future.  Thank you all for supporting Theatre Out by sharing your work with us.

David C. Carnevale
Managing Director

I’m so honored and excited to be a part of this!

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