People have asked my opinion on fees a lot over the years, so here it is, for better or worse, for agreeing or disagreeing.   Play submission fees are on the rise.   Worse–whether it’s the result of economy, copycatting, or emulating the film/fiction/poetry industries–they aren’t going away.   In the wake of my […]

“WE’VE ADDED A FEE” Grrrrrr…..

    I am swamped right now but so vexed by this latest bit of what–duplicity? disingenuousness? BS?–that I have to post. My apologies that there won’t even be photos. In return, I’ll keep it short.   Organizers of ten-minute play festivals are using “growth” as an excuse to add a fee. This makes ZERO […]

ARE YOU PART OF THE SUBMISSION FEE PROBLEM (or, follow the guidelines for crying out loud!)?

  I don’t like submission fees. I’m not a complete fee purist, but I don’t think they’re best practice. I don’t like playwrights funding opportunities. I don’t like paying into what is likely to be a losing proposition. However, after curating and categorizing plays for a recent college festival, I’m starting to understand what I […]


Once again, I offer up the year’s facts and figures in an attempt to inspire you to keep up your submission game.  As with 2014’s Recap: You Can’t Argue With Numbers, 2015’s Review in Numbers, 2016’s Year in Review, and 2017 Year in Review, the goal is to share stats and results of submission, the hows of productions, […]

MY PLAYWRIGHT’S SUBMISSION DIARY (or November so far anyway)

  “How do you make so many submissions?” I hear that constantly from fellow playwrights who say they comb all the sites and don’t find anything, or anything appropriate, and feel like they must be missing something. They are: the idea that you have to create your own submission opportunities and there’s no other way to […]


  A quintessential #PLONY, Rachel Lynett has all the makings of stellar career. She’s racked up an impressive list of finalist and semifinalists notices; been part of the Orlando Shakespeare New Play Festival, American Stages 21st Century New Voices, Jackalope Theatre’s CIRCLE UP, and Capital Fringe; and was selected for Downstage Left Residency at Stage Left […]


  I started this blog post about BRILLIANT WORKS OF ART a couple of years ago not knowing how it would end, but hoping it would be as we hope all play journeys end: with production. Writing this post, and anticipating finishing it someday with a great production success, was coping therapy after learning that this play […]

TEN YEARS A PLAYWRIGHT: celebration and reflection

  Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. This is my actress daughter’s favorite quote, one that’s been adopted by her twin sister—a computer coder/YouTuber—who has it as her computer wallpaper. It’s my favorite now, too.   Never let up […]

Artists Helping Artists #4 (#AHAinTheater): Jonathan Dorf, co-founder of YouthPLAYS

  I’ve “known” Jonathan Dorf online for years as a playwright and co-founder of YouthPLAYS, but it wasn’t until I heard him on George Sapio’s Onstage/Offstage podcast that I realized what a marketing guru he is. Naturally, I asked if I could pick his brain about his work and business,  and ask him to share […]

2017 Year in Review

  In my continual quest to prove that submitting does work, I again offer up total transparency in my year’s submission and results. As with 2014’s Recap: You Can’t Argue With Numbers, 2015’s Review in Numbers, and 2016’s Year in Review, the goal is to share numbers, changes, results, and any other information that makes […]