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Insight for Playwrights interview

August 11th, 2012 donnahoke

Today, the August 2012 issue of Insight for Playwrights came out, featuring a longer version of this interview:

I was also asked yesterday to participate in a very cool project for the 2013-2014 theater season. In celebration of Road Less Traveled’s 10th season, the theater is compiling an anthology of ten-minute plays by local playwrights under the theme, Buffalo Rises. The parameters are much narrower than I’m used to but at least I have until August 31 to come up with an idea, and until October 1 for a first draft. If I survived the 24-hour musical event (I thought I could link to my Buffalo Spree diary of that here, but it hasn’t been posted yet), I should be able to do this? In the meantime, if you’ve got any ideas for a great Buffalo success story, be sure to share!

Meanwhile, Write This Way is about to get its sixth production and first production at a straight theater, which is kind of exciting. It’s in Philadelphia, so I have some representatives I can send to check it out for me, which is more than I usually get.

And finally, Life Lines won first place at the Driftwood Players Third Annual Festival of Shorts in Edmonds, WA. I did have reps there who reported that the festival did a fine job and had big houses of more than 200 people. Sigh… I wish I had money to travel.

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