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BUA Announces 2nd Annual BUA Takes Ten Line-Up

April 15th, 2013 donnahoke

Buffalo United Artists  is pleased to announce the line-up for the 2nd Annual BUA Takes 10: GLBT Short Stories. Selected plays were chosen from more than 300 submissions. They are:

  1. “Wingman” by Eli Effinger
  2. “My Jesus Year” by Tony Foster
  3. “A Different Client” by Josh Hartwell
  4. “Kissing 101” by Matthew Crehan Higgins and Donna Hoke*
  5. “Partners” by EM Lewis
  6. “Waiting for the Skell” by EM Lewis
  7. “Are You  Married?” by Joan Lipkin
  8. “Clink” by Bo List
  9. “Twenty Years” by Candace Perry
  10. “The New American Sweethearts” by Michael Trottier

Congratulations to all the playwrights!

*non-competitive entry

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