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More productions… less time

October 9th, 2011 donnahoke

Next weekend, I have Life Lines opening in Seoul with the Seoul Players, and two days later, Black and White opening with n.u.f.a.n. ensemble’s Table and Chairs Festival in Chicago (the latter was a result of the my recent binge; see previous post). Next month, Greater Good will be part of The Writer Speaks at Three Roses in NoHo, CA. It’s been a good year!

With the binge and the relative success of my short play submissions, I’ve reached the point where all but one of my short plays has had at least one production (and that one has a pretty far-reaching tech requirement for a ten-minute; I should probably take care of that). Other than the fact that I couldn’t attend most of them, this is very exciting for me. The only problem is that it means I’m running out of things to submit! And, because I’ve been devoting my writing time recently to full-lengths (and the never-ending writing for money stuff, you know…), I don’t see that situation improving any time soon. I’d love to hear how other playwrights manage to balance it all.

On the full-length front, I’ve now submitted The Couple Next Door to more than 300 theaters. I have gotten some very encouraging nibbles, but have only heard back from about 45 of the theaters total. I’ve sent my newest, Seeds, to the big fall-deadline development opportunities, and I’m in the final stages of revisions for my upcoming reading at Road Less Traveled Theatre next month. And finally, I’m thisclose to completing draft one of my new 70-page one-act, Date Night. I’m excited about this one because I don’t have any one-acts, and I’ve had to bypass several opportunities that call for shorter works.  Not sure how to go about developing it, but once I finish it, I’ll start looking around for ways to get some feedback (including my own workshop; please e-mail me for details!).

As always, I’d love to hear from you on any topic, and especially if you’re looking for feedback for your latest work. We need to be a community.

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