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February in New York

January 27th, 2012 donnahoke

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to New York City, delivering a Christmas present to my daughters: Darren Criss. Well, not the man himself, but tickets to his star turn in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. This was his final Saturday performance, and the energy in the audience was thrilling. Everybody was having such a wonderful time, not the least of all Darren. His performances made me smile, made my daughters laugh, made the audience shriek. I don’t know when I’ve had such a fun time at a show, and I was so glad that I bit the bullet, braved the weather, and did this quick turnaround trip for their sake. We even had an appetizer of Sutton Foster in Anything Goes. I would have happily left this show behind, but my performer daughter has a soft spot for it, as it was her first high school musical. I wasn’t sure if we’d make it in time because of a quick Northeast storm, but we got the very last seats, which included two premiums in the fourth row. My daughter was beside herself.

So now that I’ve lost :(, I can share that I was a finalist for the T. Schreiber New Work Project in NYC. There were only seven, so I’m still honored to have been chosen, and the judges emphasized that the writing of all the finalists was very strong. I’m still waiting for the feedback, which was part of the finalist package.

But my reading at the Hive Theatre is still on and just the other day, they sent me this awesome poster:

Notice how the fence goes from gray to black? 🙂 I like it. Still waiting on a date, but very much looking forward to the trip.

In other news, SEEDS will see production in 2013 (details on that to follow), my newest play, FLOWERS IN THE DESERT, gets a reading at the Alt Theatre in Buffalo (where I recently saw an absolutely fabulous blow-your-socks-off production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch starring Loraine O’Donnell) on March 14 starring Matt Witten, Lisa Vitrano, and directed by Victoria Perez. I’m very eager to hear this one aloud. And as part of the Playwright’s Purge, I’ve started work on a new full-length called A KIND OF SALVATION (working title). And on the puzzle front, I’ve actually got a celeb assignment—pretty cool.

Because I’ve been so busy with other writing assignments (the kind that pay the bills), I’m going to count this blog post as my purge writing for today. And I also write a tween quiz for a magazine. Not exactly Pulitzer material, but paychecks are nice.

And also, if you haven’t already, please consider buying a copy of Neko and the Twiggets for the musical kid in your sphere.

Hope to hear from you,


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